Forgiveness is my first ever novel that I have been working on for about two years now. I have officially finished a first draft and am now in the editing process.


The book follows the story of two characters — John and Irene. John has just been released after fifteen years in prison for killing his girlfriend, Alicia. Irene is Alicia’s mother.

Both are dealing with John’s release and the impact the murder, and John’s time in prison, is having on their lives. I  wont expand too much more on the plot from there as I don’t want to write in any spoilers and things may change, but hopefully you can get the idea based on that.

As I said I am quite a way through Forgiveness and my plan now is to try and power ahead to finish my second draft. I’m working on my voice and thinking about adding different scenes and depth in different areas. Still lots to do!

You can get regular updates about Forgiveness here.

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