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  • Newsletter #9: Rejections and Starting a PhD


    You can sign up to receive my monthly newsletter straight to your inbox here! Hi all, Welcome to a very long overdue newsletter for 2017. Here are some updates on everything I’ve been up to and progress on my writing. I’ve started this year feeling quite confident about my book Sexy Capitalism, beginning to finally […]

  • Learning how to write


    Last year I finally finished the second draft of my novel, Forgiveness, and was/still am super excited about it. I thought I’d really hit the nail on the head and sent it off to a couple of contacts with hopes of getting some good reviews or even someone who was keen to publish. Despite my […]

  • Medicine, the breakdown of its authority, and its consequences


    Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Masterclass by Professor Nikolas Rose titled ‘Social Sciences and the Self in the Age of the Brain’. Professor Rose has a long history in sociology, with a particular interest in the intersection between conceptions of the self and subjectivity with biomedicine. This […]