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  • Can a show like You Can’t Ask That change the conversation?


    A new program on the ABC uses questions from the public to put a human face on the day-to-day reality of minority groups in Australia Originally published in The Guardian Australia, 1 August 2016 For me the questions started when I came out as gay at age 16. How do you know? When did you […]

  • PrEP on the frontline of HIV

    Nic Holas, left, with co-founder of The Institute of Many, Jeff Lange.

Image:  Cec Busby / SX Magazine

    The fight against the spread of HIV has a new weapon – PrEP, a drug program that prevents transmission. The article was originally published in The Saturday Paper, 18 July 2016.  This week, researchers at the Kirby Institute from the University of New South Wales, the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, and the […]

  • Why ‘The Secret Life Of Us’ Meant So Much To A Generation Of LGBTQI Australians


    As I teen I grew up with The Secret Life of Us. It was the first real representation of gay characters I saw on TV.  This article was initially published in as part of their celebrations for Australian TV Week.  Growing up as a gay teenager I spent a lot of time searching for […]