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  • On Queensland’s age of consent laws and the need to talk openly about queer sex

    (Getty Images)

    Simon Copland writes on the importance of having an open discussion about queer sex in an age where conservatives make it a constant focus of attacks. Originally published in SBS Sexuality, 19 September 2016 Last Thursday, the Queensland Government passed a long overdue reform to reduce the age-of-consent laws for anal sex to 16. The importance […]

  • How roller derby has proven itself to be the most inclusive sport around

    Roller derby is known for being inclusive of all genders and flipping traditional masculine sporting values. (Flickr / Creative Commons / Gomisan)

    Recently a new by-law for roller derby threatened to exclude trans*, genderqueer and non-binary team members, the community rallied to have the law reversed, and won. Originally published in SBS Sexuality, 16 September 2016 Since its resurrection in the early noughties, roller derby has become known as one of the world’s most inclusive sports; primarily […]

  • On why we should ignore homophobic hate speech

    (Getty Images / nito100)

    In reacting with anger and fear at every provocation we have made those provocations more powerful, allowing this ‘hate speech’ to filter through the community in ways it would not have if we just left it alone, writes Simon Copland. Originally published in SBS Sexuality, 10 September 2016 One of the biggest fears for the […]