Simon Copland Shower SelfyMy name is Simon Copland. I’m a Canberra bred who now lives in Edinburgh.

I’m an all-round left-wing guy with a particular interest in climate change, politics and queer liberation.

I have a degree in Arts/Science and recently completed my Masters in Science Communication.

I work as a freelance writer and am a current columnist for SBS News, as well as a previous columnist for the Sydney Star Observer and political editor of FUSE Magazine.

In my spare time I love to watch rugby union. I used to play for the gay team the Brisbane Hustlers. I go to the gym, travel a lot and am a huge David Bowie fan.

I am available for media appearances, including writing for online or print publications, interviews or speaking opportunities.

You can also feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about my work, want to offer any support or just want to say hi.

You can get in touch through my contact form.

Comments Policy

I write and post about a range of often controversial issues and I love getting comments. But, this is my page, so you have to stick to some basic rules:

  • Don’t be rude and don’t be a bigot. I will delete anything that is patronising, attacks other commenters or is queerphobic, sexist or racist. No exeptions.
  • Stay on topic. While I appreciate diverse discussions please keep on topic to the original post. I will try and bring us back if we start to divert but anything that is majorly off topic will be deleted.
  • Avoid excessively frequent or long comments. If you have a lot to add, write a Facebook note and link to it.
  • No hawkers. This page is NOT somewhere to sell your goods and services, or spruik off topic issues or campaigns. Of course, link to other interesting articles or issues, but this is not a place to seel your wares.
  • Limit links. Any comment with more than two links could be marked as comment spam.
  • Trolling and sockpuppetry are not acceptable.

Other than that, run free people, run free! I will keep an eye on the page and if you break these rules I will delete your post.


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