Queers: Episode Two — Progress, real and imagined

We’re back!

After a couple of months hiatus following our first episode, this week Ben Riley and I are back with Queers — a podcast of two guys exploring queer politics and culture.


In this week’s episode Ben and I discuss the release of the new Stonewall film, a Hollywood Blockbuster that erased¬†women, trans people and people of colour from this important historic event.

While I wonder whether the response has led to any meaningful victories, Benjamin has an existential crisis considering the question of ‘progress’.

You can listen to the new episode here:

Or check it out at Podomatic here: http://queers.podomatic.com/entry/2015-09-28T07_41_54-07_00


Ps. sorry the sound quality is still not the best. We are working on the technology!

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