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Tony Abbott’s ‘No Jab, No Pay’ Policy Is Misdirected, And Won’t Work

Tony Abbott’s ‘No Jab, No Pay’ Policy Is Misdirected, And Won’t Work

Originally published in Junkee.com, 16 April, 2015 This week, the federal government made an official foray into the debate about childhood vaccinations. Targeting those colloquially known as “anti-vaxxers,” Tony Abbott has announced that conscientious objectors to vaccinations will be denied access to particular welfare payments. Parents will be denied family tax and childcare payments, which […]

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The great leadership myth

Originally published in SBS News, 4 February 2015 A series of ‘leaderslides’ have carved up the Australian political landscape, and it’s time for the practice to stop. It has been a bad week for Australian political leaders. In one week, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has lost his job, Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles has […]

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The environment movement shouldn’t have supported Direct Action

Originally published in SBS News, 7 November 2014 The Government’s Direct Action legislation passed through Parliament last week, with the Government receiving support from the Palmer United Party and Independent Nick Xenephon. Even with the concessions given during the negotiations, Direct Action is still likely to be a disaster. It is anexpensive and ineffective policy that […]