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Bride and Prejudice: Why does reality TV continue to disappoint?

Following five couples whose families stand in the way of their dream weddings, this conflict-obsessed drama deals with subject matter that’s ripe and relevant, which makes its failure all the more depressing. Originally published in The Guardian, 30th January, 2017. It seemed the limits had been reached for reality TV last year when Nine released […]

‘While we may scorn on the queues in front of the shops, for many, those sales provide the one chance to buy items they’ve needed all year.’
Photograph: Teri Pengilley for the Guardian

Telling people not to shop at Christmas is nothing more than snobbery

Complaints about ‘Christmas consumerism’ are just attacks on the working class. Why don’t we demand the rich stop buying yachts instead? Originally published in The Guardian, 16 December 2015 It’s a tradition now as strong as the trees, snowmen, carols, and dare I say it, the presents. Each year, bolstered by a growing anti-consumerist movement, […]


Is our desire for genetic answers cultural rather than scientific?

Genes and the Bioimaginary,by Professor Deborah Lynn Steinberg, investigates whether the foundations of much genetic research are scientifically sound.   Originally published in The Guardian, 27 August, 2015 The last few decades have seen what some describe as a ‘genetic revolution’. Advances in genetic science have seen genes become all encompassing in political and scientific […]

Hospital beds. By Канопус Киля (my photo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

CIA torture is only part of medical science’s dark modern history

Recent revelations about post-9/11 practice remind us that doctors’ ethical guidelines are only as good the society that has allowed a variety of shocking human experimentation. Originally published in The Guardian, 22 June, 2015.  New documents released by the Guardian have shown the CIA may have broken its own internal ethics policies during their controversial […]

The Flinstones

Equality and polyamory: why early humans weren’t The Flintstones

Originally published in The Guardian, Tuesday 19 May 2015 A study released last week presented evidence that prehistoric men and women lived in relative equality. But is the truth even further from the nuclear narrative? Last week, scientists from University College London released a paper presenting evidence that men and women in early society lived […]