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Poverty has a womans face

Cycles of capitalism, and cycles of sexuality?

Over the weekend I finished Paul Mason’s rather excellent book, Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future. While I don’t agree with everything he argues, Mason presents a fascinating thesis that the advent of info-technology, mixed with other social factors (in particular the demise of the labour movement) is causing such a fault within capitalism that […]

My "why is everything so busy" face

What’s been happening?

Argh! It feels like ages since I’ve written a blog post. Sorry. I’ve been slack! I thought I’d give a quick update on life before I run off into the busyness of everything again. Based on above, as you can imagine, everything has been crazy recently. I spent all of my October in Berlin studying German, […]

I've been reading some Engels recently.

When I read, I write

“Let it all marinate Simon! It will make the end result tastier.” It was sage advice from my good friend Holly last week, after I posted about the difficulty of sitting down, reading and feeling like I’ve accomplished something. Over the past weeks I’ve realised the enormity of amount of material I need to get […]