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Bride and Prejudice: Why does reality TV continue to disappoint?

Following five couples whose families stand in the way of their dream weddings, this conflict-obsessed drama deals with subject matter that’s ripe and relevant, which makes its failure all the more depressing. Originally published in The Guardian, 30th January, 2017. It seemed the limits had been reached for reality TV last year when Nine released […]

Toronto, Ontario - JUNE 27, 2015  The rainbow painted  crosswalks on Church Street reflect the feet of passersby after heavy rain. Participants in the Toronto Dyke March did not let the heavy rainfall dampen their spirits during Pride Toronto 2015. JUNE 27, 2015.        (Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

The importance of teaching queer history in schools

It’s LGBTI+ history month for school students in Victoria. Simon Copland discusses why this is an important step forward for queer kids everywhere. Originally published in SBS Sexuality, 10 October 2016 School students in Victoria will be learning about and celebrating LGBTI+ History this October, as part of a program launched today. Following the campaign […]

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It’s the elite who are holding us back on queer rights, not the general population

Time and time again, the Parliamentary elites are using whatever means necessary to hold back queer issues, not the general population, writes Simon Copland. Originally published in SBS Sexuality, 30 September 2016 It happened late at night, surprising everyone.  Last week, Labor MPs in South Australia rushed a vote on a new bill that would […]

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On Queensland’s age of consent laws and the need to talk openly about queer sex

Simon Copland writes on the importance of having an open discussion about queer sex in an age where conservatives make it a constant focus of attacks. Originally published in SBS Sexuality, 19 September 2016 Last Thursday, the Queensland Government passed a long overdue reform to reduce the age-of-consent laws for anal sex to 16. The importance […]