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Have we lost the climate fight?

There’s been a lot of talk going around recently that climate activists have ‘lost’ the climate battle. For example, in his recent article in The Monthly, Robert Manne stated that the last few years have seen a ‘dark victory’ by climate change skeptics over climate science. Bemoaning about the failures of climate activists has become […]

Let them all come

 Let them all come because the right to live in safety is fundamental. Let them all come because people who are fleeing oppression don’t deserve more. Let them all come because people who have suffered so much don’t deserve to suffer any more. Let them all come because requesting asylum is not a crime. Let them […]

Why the asylum debate makes me feel sick

@frankscan65 (Frank Calabrese) @simoncopland Shorter Suimopn (sic)- I prefer to support people dying at Sea so we  can feel good while eating our Tofu at expensive fundraisers @simoncopland And onshore processing encouraging people smugglers – in other words Greens support profiteering from people dying at sea @simoncopland No you prefer people dying sdo (sic) you […]

Maybe just don't make them role models?

Maybe just don’t make them role models?

Kendrick Monk and Nick Darcy (from Original source: AAP/Facebook) For some reason, this image has caused a furore over the past few days. If you don’t know who they are, this is Olympic swimmers Nick Darcy (on the left) and Kenrick Monk (on the right). I have to say I have been flummoxed (I […]

Celebrating discrimination

I receive media releases from Australia Marriage Equality (AME) to see what they are up to and today they I received a release titled: ‘AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT CONFIRMS CHURCHES WILL NOT HAVE TO MARRY SAME-SEX COUPLES’. The Australian Parliament today passed the following motion from Andrew Wilkie: “Should the Marriage Act be amended to allow same-sex marriages the […]

What Rinehardt’s wealth says about us

In an article titled “It’s tough at the top” last week BRW announced the list of the 200 wealthiest Australians. Miles ahead of everyone else was mining magnate Gina Rinehardt, who has amassed an impressive wealth of $27.17 billion. Following the announcement many have been quick to debate the continued role Rinehardt plays in Australian politics, particularly […]

The freedom of assembly?

Wednesday was a bad day for Indigenous rights in Queensland. In the early morning the Queensland police were sent in to evict the Aboriginal Tent Embassy that had set up in Musgrave Park. In doing so they arrested over 30 people. Watching the news I really had to ask, since when was this the prerogative […]